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Archive for the ‘no requirements’ Category

discusstion 7

1. You probably have had several opportunities to work as part of a team. What have you noticed as the most important aspect to team success? 2. Based on your group experiences, do you generally view conflict on teams as good or bad? Have you been on teams with too much or too little conflict? […]

discussion question

1. Answer the Question: What is worse, a false negative or a false positive? When might we make a decision to try to make great efforts to reduce false negative decisions? When might we especially try to reduce false positive decisions, even if it means increasing the number of false negatives?2. reply classmate’s comment

discussion post

Prior knowledge and learner development: Concepts and implications Drawing on concepts from the Ambrose et al. (2010) readings for this week (Chapters 1 and 2) create a visual diagram, table or figure that explains three concepts or principles about prior knowledge, knowledge organization and learner development. Also include a total of two implications for adult […]

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