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Archive for the ‘Political science’ Category

Mission Command without Intent: a failure in leadership?

Good evening I will share with you two files about this research pepper (research proposal, presentation for that research), these files contain references that I used in the past and that I want you to use it again and add at least five more new references, as well as exclude references that are with old […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Answer all questions 1. What value do think tanks bring to the national security policy and decision making processes? What are some of the pitfalls of relying on their reports for governmental decision making? Provide some examples. 2. Briefly describe how media reports and impact can influence policy and national security decision making in the […]

How economic sanctions prevent countries from dealing with climate change

I was going to write about how specifically United States sanctions on multiple countries harms their ability to receive necessary supplies to deal with climate change as well as changes how they allocate their public funding, where it goes away from necessary green measures and favors privatization and austerity.

identifying hypotheses, independent and dependent variables, and methods used to test hypotheses from published scholarship

For each of the pairs of articles, you will answer questions that summarize the following:A.    What is the dependent variable?B.    What is the independent variable?C.    What does the author(s) hypothesize is the relationship between the independent and dependent variables? D.  What are some alternative explanations for explaining variation in the dependent variable?E.  […]


Paper Topic: Ok students, I want you to pretend that you are a Constitutional lawyer, consulting the incoming president about the Constitution, his role, the role of Congress and the role of the Constitution. In two pages, please lay out for me what you would say to him. I want to see you articulate clearly […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

M7     According to the Natural Rights Argument, rights can be neither created nor destroyed by any human institution. Indeed the US Constitution expressly avoids using language that suggests rights are created or given by government.  Why, then, do so many Americans seem to believe rights are given to citizens either by the Constitution or […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

m6     Critics of recently passed Voter ID laws in various states argue that these measures are designed to limit citizen access to the ballot.  However, proponents of these laws argue that such measures prevent fraudulent voting. Furthermore, except in General Elections during Leap Year, in which voters indirectly determine the outcome of presidential contests, […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

M5 :To what extent is it necessary for a partisan to remain responsible to his or her national party platform?  Choose one of the following partisans and, using their own public statements, evaluate their adherence to the principles expressed in his party platform:        Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the US House of Representatives) and the […]

Operation Anaconda

Need an analytical essay, APA 7, pg 1 is cover sheet, pg5 is references. Need in essay sources. No more than 19% cited work please. I have attached the case study for great info on the operation. Please contact me for any questions at all. It is approved for public release.


In defining intersectionality, Kimberl Crenshaw observes that the compound identity of Black women is used against them, such that their Blackness diminishes their status as women, and their woman-ness diminishes their status as Black people; this intersection of race and sex thus has the effect of erasing their identity as Black women. However, intersectionality in […]

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