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Archive for the ‘Mathematics’ Category

Voting And Elections Quiz

  Take this quiz on voting and elections.  Follow this link. Once you complete the quiz, screen shot your score and upload to drop box. Dr. Branch

Statistics Major Assignment/Excel And Powerpoint

I have attached Directions please let me know if you have questions Refer to Major Assignment 3 attachments (Major Assignment 3, Major Assignment 3 Details, and Country List). Research the country using The World Factbook found on the Central Intelligence Agency website at  , other resources such as the U.S. Department of State website at  […]

Statistics Assignment

Assignment: Interpreting Frequencies and SPSS Installation Collecting data from a large number of participants can be a very daunting task. How do researchers make sense of all of that information and summarize it to be more meaningful? One way is by creating frequency distributions, or by visually organizing the number of times each score in […]


  The discussion board this week draws upon the advanced work you’ve done in preparing for week 9. Public opinion polls are very common. The media makes regular use of this concept. We’ve all seen, and read the results. Do we understand what the results mean? Does it make a difference in what we do? […]

Need A Case Study

Instructions See Problem 3-17 on page 101 of the textbook. Kenneth Brown is facing three alternatives with two possible outcomesa favorable or an unfavorable marketfor those alternatives. In no less than three pages, describe and justify the decision-making steps Brown may perform in his case. What decision would you make? Be sure to provide research […]

Descriptive Statistics

Visit one of the following newspapers websites: , , , or . Select an article that uses statistical data related to a current event. The chosen article must have a publication date during this quarter. The article should use one of the following categories of descriptive statistics:  Measures of Frequency – Counting Rules, Percent, Frequency, […]

Week 6 – Assignment 2: Conduct Descriptive Statistical Analysis

Instructions This assignment assesses your ability to conduct a descriptive analysis and present the results in tabular format. Review your APA resource for guidance on displaying your data in tables. As the administrator of a healthcare organization working to improve the bottom-line for the organization you serve, your board has requested that you present a […]

Week6_Evaluate Choices For Statistical Tests

Instructions As the administrator of a research-focused healthcare organization, you are part of a research team that provides statistical consultation to providers and staffs conducting quantitative research in your organization. In preparation to conduct statistical analyses for several study hypotheses, a team of researchers approached you for guidance on the appropriate statistical test for the […]

Statistic Final Paper 2 Page Rough Draft

  ** Your paper has to be under 20% to be accepted. Try to use less direct quotes and more paraphrasing. Rough Draft assignment:  For this assignment, take a moment to review the Final Paper instructions and requirements in Week 6. You will see that the Final Paper is a discussion about the use of several statistical […]

Week 4

Purpose of Assignment  The purpose of the assignment is to develop students’ abilities in using data sets to apply the concepts of sampling distributions and confidence intervals to make management decisions.  Assignment Steps  Resources: Microsoft Excel, , Review the Payment Time Case Study and Data Set.  Develop a 700-word report including the following calculations and using the information […]

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