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Archive for the ‘Social Sciences’ Category

nature vs nurture

briefly summarize the nature vs nurture debate and use examples from  the article  The Real Difference Between Men and Women.  How are men and women socialized in American society? What does it mean to be socialized?  How do functionalist, conflict and interaction theorist view the role of socialization in creating the social self? Do you […]

Synethesis Paper

I have to take both of the papers that I have below and combine them into one cohesive paper. Three references from each paper must be used from each paper that I will attach for a total of 6 references. Using the activities you selected in your planning worksheet, write an analysis of each, including […]

Concept Understanding Week 8

Draw any 2 concepts, theories, research finding, or ideas from EACH of the sections we’ve read in Week 7 and Week 8 (Units V and VI) that you think are important for understanding sociological social psychology.  For each of the 4 concepts: (do each separately) 1) Define it in 1-2 sentences. 2) Explain in 1-3 […]

the Tragedy of Heterosexuality

this Assignment is base on the book the Tragedy of Heterosexuality by Jane Ward (2-3 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font)1. Complete citation for the book including: Title, author, city of publication, publisher, date (in ASA Citation Style) 2. What is the author’s major thesis? 3. How convincing is the author in supporting the major […]

Racism: The Stain That Still Inflicts Pain

Start your research by reflecting upon the sociological context which frames out the issue(s) you seek to explore.  You may find the topic from your current events is appropriate, but most likely you have refined your topic so you can complete the required elements of the final paper.  You will have to use at least […]

Discussion Question

    Identify the essential issues of the readings and themes of the films.     Answer any questions asked in the lecture material.    Your initial response(s) to the films and reading, and an analysis as to why and how they left you with these particular impressions. Explain the complexities faced in exploring the reading alongside the […]


Macro-level Structural Influences on Our Identity, Beliefs, and CognitionA cornerstone of the sociological approach to social psychology is that social variables shape our cognition, biases, identity, and so forth.  Social variables and influences include micro-level interactions within small groups all the way up to the macro-level variables such as the global economy.Read the following articles […]


Latino, LGBTQ and youth is my chosen group Using your chosen group from previous assignments and the knowledge you havegained from assignment 1 and 2 you will write a 6-8 page paper.Instructions:Address the following: Three social issues or challenges your chosen group faces. Two current advocacy organizations that focus on your chosen group. Youshould identity […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

You will write a literature review of your own on the topic for your final paper. Remember, your literature review must do more than just summarize the information. A literature review discusses previously published information about a particular topic or issue in order to accomplish one or more of the following tasks: show readers what […]

Crossing from Life to Death

There is a belief that crossing from life to death should be a transfiguring experience. Identify several mindsets within which this transfiguration might occur. Consider: Which of these mindsets do you judge to be most in line with your own beliefs? Explain how this is so. What now is your more objective evaluation of the […]

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