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Archive for the ‘Health Care and Life Sciences’ Category

Continuous Quality Improvement Using a Social Marketing Approach

The purpose of this assignment is to apply social marketing tactics to a continuous quality improvement approach within a health care context. Social marketing (not to be confused with social media marketing) is a process that utilizes marketing principles and techniques to influence the target audience to adopt positive voluntary behavioral changes. For this assignment, […]

“What Makes a Top 100 Hospital?

Application Paper: “What Makes a Top 100 Hospital?” Your assignment is to visit the website of one of the top 100 hospitals on the list in this link (Links to an external site.): Top Hospitals: https://www.ibm.com/watson-health/services/100-top-hospitals (Links to an external site.) After reviewing the hospital and health system and analyzing its services and organizational structure, […]

Community Impact- Management in Nursing

Consider the nursing area/unit impacted by the problem/issue as a community and/or culture. Write a paper regarding the community impact. Include the following components: 1.    Identify community or cultural barriers.2.    Formulate an action plan for change/resolution taking cultural and community factors under consideration.3.    Identify a change theory that will be incorporated into the action plan. […]

Plan Development- Management in Nursing

Develop an implementation plan for your problem/issue resolution. Include the following components: 1.    Timeline for your project, from implementation to evaluation.2.    Develop a budget or discuss budgetary considerations needed to implement resolution.3.    Discuss a staffing plan that will need to be utilized in order to implement the resolution of project.

Ethics journal reflection

Journal Reflection #1Provision 4: The nurse is responsible and accountable for individual nursing practice and determines the appropriate delegation of tasks consistent with the nurses obligation to provide optimum patient care. Imagine you are the head nurse in a senior living facility. You have 36 residents; normally there are two nurses with four nursing assistants. […]

Condyloma papper infectious dieases paper

Choose a topic from the list provided to you by your course faculty.  Apply the concepts of population health and epidemiology to the topic.Synthesize Course content from Weeks 1-5 according to the following sections:  Introduction:  Analysis of the communicable disease (causes, symptoms, mode of transmission, complications, treatment) to include demographic break down that includes age, […]

a comparative analysis of the U.S. healthcare system against that of another country of your choice. Which is Russia

Your Course Project is a comparative analysis of the U.S. healthcare system against that of another country of your choice. Research what country you wish to choose for your Course Project in order to write your comparative analysis of its healthcare system against the United States’. You will be identifying healthcare business problems, often termed […]


Your prompt for this module is: Think about the parts of the homeostatic mechanism.choose one of the following real life examples and explain how it illustrates the concept of the homeostatic mechanism.  You should identify the stimulus, receptor, control center, effector, and expected results for the chosen example. You should also predict what would happen […]


In 1000 words or fewer . . . Briefly explain what you think science is. Give a definition and explain the process of science. Briefly explain what you think biology is. Define biology and give examples. How can we tell if something is alive? What distinguishes living from non-living? Please give a scientific response. How […]


For this first Article Analysis, I will provide you with 3 articles and you will need to pick one of them to analyze. For the second and third analyses, I will provide a topic, and you’ll have to find your own articles. Here are the choices: https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/can-people-live-150-probably-not-new-study-finds-n660431 Analyze your article in a an essay of […]

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