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Archive for the ‘History – World history’ Category

Ableism- essay

Week 9 Ableism Choose a topic and write about the history of ableism and disability in that period 1)  Sparta and the disabled (500 300 BCE) 2)  Imperial Rome and the disabled (20 500 CE) 3)  Christianity and Ableism as punishment from God (400 1800 CE) 4)  Nazis and Ableism (1933 1945) 5)  American Disabilities […]


The counterfactual is a tool of the historian’s trade.  “What if something had or had not happened…”  Looking at the past 500 years, how might the modern world be different had the European powers not “discovered” the New World?  Read your text and the links provided in this section.  Also, watch the video provided to […]

History Essay

  InstructionsFor this assignment, select one of the following options. Option 1: Chronicle Adolf Hitler’s rise from failed art student to political speaker to eventually gain control over Germany. Option 2: Describe Benito Mussolini’s revival of European Imperialism in North Africa and how he came to be Adolf Hitler’s ally. Option 3: Chronicle the rise […]


1- What were the social, cultural, religious, and economic characteristics of Sumerian Civilization?   What was the Sumerians’ greatest single contribution to world culture? Who was Gilgamesh?  Why is his story important?  Do you see similarities to other myths? 2-What were the social, cultural, religious, and economic characteristics of Egyptian Civilization?   What was Ancient Egypt’s greatest […]

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