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Archive for the ‘Psychology and Education’ Category

Personal Statement

All applicants must submit an essay/personal statement in which you describe your most laudable academic accomplishments, achievements, and any unique recognition awarded to you on the basis of your academic or research performances. You may also include a statement on your personal aspirations and career goals. Include a discussion of how scholarship assistance will help […]

Abnormal Child Psychology –

For this Learning Unit: The importance of nature (genetics and biological factors) versus nurture (environment) has been a controversial issue among developmental theorists. Explain how the concept of epigenetics addresses this debate. Incorporate in your response ideas of shared and nonshared environment and goodness of fit to show why one child in a family may […]

Concept Paper

This is the final Section of this paper. Attached is the concept paper template that needs to be completed. It already has the sections that you have completed so far, so only the sections that are highlighted in yellow need to be completed on this paper. Please keep the same formatting than the template has […]

Caregiver Quick Reference Guide

Caregiver Quick Reference Guide This assignment requires you to pull together the work you did for the assignments in Units 2, 5, 6, and 9. The objective is to fully synthesize the material in layperson’s terms so a caregiver or significant other could grasp it readily and use it as a quick reference guide. Your […]

Developing a Quick Reference Sheet

Developing a Quick Reference Sheet In this unit’s assignment, you are developing a quick reference sheet for the intervention you developed. For this discussion: Explain the importance in developing a form like this and how it relates to the ethical code.Describe other things that can be done when developing a behavior support plan that will […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

1. Thinking about the grade you hope to teach – imagine you have a child in class that is struggling with sustained attention. Describe 3 specific strategies you could use to help the child with his sustained attention. 2. Choose a grade and subject level (the grade and subject level you’re most interested in) – […]

Cross-sectional developmental research

Cross-sectional developmental research has discovered that various generations have been labeled by popular culture to describe trends in behavior commonly seen among individuals born to each generation. Study the chart below, and discuss whether or not you agree with the labels given and the rationales provided. Explain your answers. Next, given the knowledge you have […]

The Aging Brain Start Assignment

Combining internet research and critical thinking to reveal milestones and identify concerns for the aging brain, you will write an essay to demonstrate your understanding of this essential life organ. Select any two ages you would like to learn more about for this assignment.  Students may compare and contrast the brain for two different ages; […]

The concept of life span development is relatively new.

The concept of life span development is relatively new. For many years, child psychology was studied, but it was understood that by the beginning of early adulthood most, if not all, of one’s important development had occurred. In other words, psychologists thought the important changes that come with age were completed by the end of […]

Presenting Professional Advice

As a psychology professional, you have been asked to provide a caregiver with your professional opinion regarding how issues related to your chosen topic may influence short and long-term physical, cognitive, or psychosocial development in his or her child. Choose one of the following topics in the area of development to research and discuss: Prenatal […]

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