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Archive for July, 2021

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please Read the Attached Reading (Friedrich Nietzsche, History in the Service & Disservice of Life) then do the following: QUESTIONS, REFLECTIONS, & COMMENTS (QRCS) Please make a post offering at least two thoughtful and substantive questions, reflections, or comments (QRCs) inspired by your engagement with the material below. — At least one of the QRCs […]

Health Care Reform

Many students wonder, What is a synthesis essay? A synthesis essay is all about combinations and connections between your ideas and your source material. While writing this type of essay, you can remain focused on many different factors and ideas at once with the use of an annotated bibliography. Synthesis essays typically require the writer […]

Projects Proposal

MEAD Projects Proposal – Concepts IntegrationThis assignment is a GROUP DISCUSSION & GROUP PROPOSAL meant to get you going on your final project.  Note that your groups were created thematically, but that doesn’t mean you MUST only have ONE outcome.  That is, each person could contribute a segment (if more individual work is desired).  Done […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

A process recording is a written tool used by field education experience students, field instructors, and faculty to examine the dynamics of social work interactions in time. Process recordings can help in developing and refining interviewing and intervention skills. By conceptualizing and organizing ongoing activities with social work clients, you are able to clarify the […]

Literary Analysis

Think about the three main characters, Junior, Nilda and Rafa. Who are they as people? What motivates them? What explains the way they act towards each other? What are their own personal conflicts? For Junior, who is the narrator, you need to think about why he has something of an angry attitude when talking about […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

You must offer a thoughtful and substantive question, reflection, or comment inspired by your engagement with the reading. (Attached below)  This post must explicitly identify a passage from the reading that you found intriguing, confusing, enlightening, etc. to lift up for consideration. You should quote the passage in full in your post along with a […]

MAUS Analysis

Maus is a graphic novel that was published after the boom of superhero comics in the 1960s. These 1960s comics were the first to humanize superhero characters by attributing them with specific trauma narratives and giving them dark pasts. If we are to place Maus in this history of superhero comics, what kind of a […]

A2: Report

Description of Assignment: Students will select one of the scenarios laid out during the course found here and write a report on their own decision or recommendation. Students should analyse the scenario in relation to psychological theory and make a recommendation for the company or body that has posed the scenario. Students should also describe […]

Early childhood education in the 19th century

PLEASE PICK ONE QUESTION OUT OF THE THREE AND LET ME KNOW WHICH QUESTION YOU HAVE CHOSEN. 1. Early childhood education outside the home is largely a nineteenth century invention.  What factors contributed to the development of schools and curriculum for young children during this important period (describe some of the movements, philosophies, and individuals […]

Building a Hybrid Business Model

Dear all, Please find a copy of the final assignment – This follows the discussion we had in class on Monday Don’t forget: all assignments must be submitted to myCourses as Word documents, not PDFs, to appropriately interacted with our plagiarism software. ENT 200 Hybrid Business Model- Final Assessment Spring 2021 DR.docx download Best, Daniel […]

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