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Archive for the ‘Uncategorized’ Category

Information System Management

 Create a presentation for your organization explaining how successful collaboration can improve success and provide competitive advantages.Scenario: Your organization has used a variety of collaboration systems developed by some project managers. Some of these systems were successful while others were not. Your organization has one unique challenge – many of your employees are staffed at […]

Compensation and Benefits

The two types of compensation are direct and indirect. Direct consists of pay for work performed. Indirect consists of the perks and benefits associated with the position/employment.Imagine that you are a human resources (HR) manager, and it is your responsibility to identify data to help strategize, benchmark, and develop proper pay compensation for all positions […]

ch19 assign

After reading chapter one and reviewing the PowerPoint, you should complete the following tasks:   Answer the following questions in complete sentences (5-7 sentence responses):  Why is the United States the last industrial country to adopt a national health care program? Which sociological perspective(s) best explains why public and political support for health care reform has […]

Urgent Individual Assignment on Logistic Regression

The data if any needed for this assignment is posted on eLearn. If after giving some thought, you have problems doing this assignment, do not hesitate to email or meet with me. You can discuss with each other, but please finish and write up the answers independently. Please submit a soft copy of your homework […]

chaper19 discussion

The purpose of these recap discussion boards is to create dialogue and analytical discourse about the material covered in the chapter. In answering the recap discussion questions, you should engage in meaningful discussion with your fellow classmates. Please make sure to pay close attention to the specific due dates for each discussion board. You can […]

soc link2

Prompts/Video Links:  Living on a Dollar Prompt: Video Link: The House I Live In Prompt: Video Link: The 13th Prompt: Video Link: Film is available on Netflix or please try this link: The True Cost Prompt: Video Link: Miss Representation Prompt: Video Link:   White People Prompt: Video Link: Stay Woke: The Black Lives Matters […]

Two short paragraphs urgent

Watch the interview video and just make up examples to support the  topics.  1) Emotional Intelligence (by using key elements such as: Self-awareness, motivation… etc ) 2) Power and Influence  please read the student examples


  Just as the state of the healthcare industry and the concept of the patient have changed so have healthcare facilities. Physicians offices arent always offices anymore. Healthcare facilities can be mobile, virtual or traditional. This week we will look at how healthcare facilities have evolved. Besides concierge medicine and retail clinics, identify two other […]

Milestone 2 – 6 pages – 48 hours

Milestone 1 (intro) was completed but we should concentrate on industry not as separate organization but i did for company Walmart so make sure you consider retail industry and do the second milestone. i have attached question scenario and first milestone here.. This is the second milestone of the portfolio project .For milestone 2, you […]


 Using your knowledge of Traditional, Agile, and Hybrid answer the following: Agile: Explain how iterative project processes help expose requirements? Explain how iterative project process help manage risks associated with changing requirements? Identify and categorize new projects, products, and organizational risks to which Agile projects are susceptible.  Describe the characteristics of leadership required in an […]

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