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Archive for the ‘Biology’ Category

Tevida – Independent & Uncensored Review?

Topical treatments Applying creams and scratches makes your skin numb for a short period of time. However, they do not have much effect on the acute condition. But recently, the introduction of Diclofenac gel has been introduced tables. It is the anon steroid anti-inflammatory drug that relieves pain and related osteoporosis. But these creams are […]


This week, we will be discussing the Ancestor’s Tale, from Richard Dawkins. The attached exerpt explains the long view of human evolution. Please read this and Ch 9 before you post to get the background for understanding human evolution. For this week’s discussion, please find recent (within the last 10 years) articles on human evolution […]

Week 8 Discussion

The reading covers many different types of resistance training programs and methods, even touching on some “extreme conditioning programs” like CrossFit. However, there is no mention of blood flow restricted resistance exercise despite quite a bit of recent evidence being published.  Therefore, I’d like everyone to look into this a topic a bit on your […]

The Instruction To Follow Is In The Browse Files. 0 Plagiarism, APA Format

   paper should be 1200-1600 words in length and support your thinking by citing and integrating at least two peer-reviewed journal articles and at least one real life example. for the real life example please do not use your self as an example. Please follow the instruction in the browse file.

Evolutional Biology Homework

  Read 10 page scientific article and answer 2 pages of questions ( do not use same words like in an article or paraphrase it, only in your own words based on the article. Other research options are available in order to answer questions properly but must be cited)


  Read this article on the search for useful plant compounds: Read this article on the less-than-beneficial uses of plant products:  We are going to use Cocaine Answer these four questions: Describe the compound and in what plant(s) it is found.  Explain how this compound provides protection for the plant. Does the compound provide any other […]

Answer Questions

1. [From the first reading] What are the difficulties with using Appropriateness as a principle for determining valid species names? 2. [From the first reading] What are the major strengths and weaknesses of using Priority to determine valid species names? 3. [From the first reading] When was the Plenary Powers rule adopted and what problems does it solve? 4. [From the first reading] Why was Othniel Marsh seemingly prone to making rushed identifications that lacked thorough consideration? Why […]


due in 2 hours , 2 sentences only     

Health And Human Science Class

   A. Select one of the case studies posted in Blackboard to complete the following sections.  You will be using this case study in subsequent assignments. (i) Problem/Situation Description:   Identify at one significant problem related to health and wellbeing in this case study. Write a brief paragraph which tells the reader what is the problem. […]


Imagine you were Avery Oswald and you just finished extracting transforming factor from bacteria.  Based on how DNA looks to the naked eye when floating in ethanol (not your knowledge of the molecular structure): Identify one incorrect conclusion Oswald could have made regarding the characteristics of DNA.  Identify one correct conclusion Oswald could have made […]

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