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Archive for the ‘Religion / Theology’ Category

Greek Orthodox Culture Care

Greek Orthodox Culture Care Assessment Perform a self-cultural care assessment to determine student’s own cultural, ethnic, and religious background. The purpose of this assessment is: *        To determine how deeply the student is connected to their culture.*     To set the stage for understanding a persons traditional health and illness beliefs and […]

Chinese history and Chinese religious

Length: 7-10 typed pages (12 pt font, double spaced), not including a Works Cited PageDue: Submit through Canvas by 11:59 pm on 6/4/21 Why write a paper?The purpose of the paper is to use a case study of a group of people (or person) in a particular place doing some sort of popular religious practice, […]

All our losses All our griefs

Book Report Wirte a Book Report on: Mitchell, K. R., & Anderson, H. (1983). All our losses All our griefs Student Name _____________________Title _______________Author _________________Date Published ___________________ Theme/Thesis/Prevailing Idea (in about 8-9 sentences) Summarize Key Points (in about 1200 words) Application/Meaning to Your Pastoral Care Ministry (in about 400 words) ** Assignment Criteria 1)    Produce […]

Elements of the Moral Act

    How does Aquinas argue that there are evil actions? Remember to note that this depends upon the metaphysical transcendentals of “being” and “goodness.” A central theme to this section is the relation of the object, intention, and circumstances of the action to “right reason.” What role does right reason play in moral action? How […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

DirectionsChoose just one of the two options below to complete this assignment. Option AIdentify any historical purpose(s) behind the writing of Mark’s and Matthew’s Gospels. Include a reference to any historical factor mentioned in the recommended sources that may have triggered the writing of both Matthew’s and Mark’s Gospels as well as references to statements […]


1) What is the difference between a person who has a self-directed conscience and a person who has an other-directed conscience? 2) How is a mature conscience different from the super-ego as presented by Freud in his writings? Explain fully. 3) Choose any three of the following symptoms of a misinformed conscience and describe how […]

Final Essay

At the start of the semester in the first discussion after you introduced yourself to the class, you were asked to respond to” “We already know a lot about religion, how would you define it?  Now, I hope you have learned a lot more about religion(s).  Write an essay about 1. How you would define […]


I attached the worksheet. Worksheet fill out all the questions. I put 550 words as a total cause this is not an essay format. Fill in the blanks in the charts in the document by using the resources provided below: For most of this information use: http://www.religionfacts.com (Links to an external site.) (click on the […]

5- Lesson Teaching Plan Presentation

Many of us have had the involvement of godly women in our lives in some way or another maybe our moms, grandmothers, or other female relatives; friends, neighbors, school teachers, and Sunday School teachers, to name a few.  As you think about those things that you appreciated and learned from them, consider how you can […]

Book reflection on This Strange and Sacred Scripture

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate in writing your engagement with the book, This Strange and Sacred Scripture. No more than half of the reflection should be summary of the book. The remainder of the paper is to be reflection on the book in terms of strengths and weaknesses, the importance of the […]

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