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Archive for the ‘APA (edition “APA 7”)’ Category

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Read the case, Corning Incorporated: The Growth and Strategy Council. Brainstorm the key internal and external issues with the firms four different operating divisions. Use this information to help develop your final project next week. You may want to collect this information into an informal SWOT analysis. (A SWOT is not required as part of […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

There are significant influences that have impacted the way that employees complete the work they do, the way that employees relate to one another, and how employees identify with one another. Technological, political, and environmental variations are powering a global economy; an employees level of interdependence with another employee does not only include connections within […]


Based on the PICOT you developed for NUR-550(previous course we just completed), summarize the change initiative you will be proposing. How does this support the population of focus, your setting, and role? Justify how the problem you selected to investigate is amenable to a research-based intervention using the PICOT format.

Journal Research

Not all research is created equally.  Your textbook discusses what to look for in an article to determine if it is reliable and good research (if you can trust it!) from an academic perspective.  One way is to find reliable journals you know have a strong peer review process for all submitted manuscripts.  With this […]

Discussion 9 Advanced Nursing Roles

Data Management Reflect on your experience with different aspects of data management for example, identifying the target population and relevant measures, access to data sources, strategies for data collection, coordination of data entry, analysis of outcomes, and data analysis to final deliverable to stakeholders. Discuss those areas in which you feel skilled versus those areas […]

Discussion 9 Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Practice Nursing

Topic: Theory – Practice Gap Think back to the beginning of the course and consider your thoughts on learning about nursing theory. Did you question the usefulness of spending a term learning about theory? Next, consider your current practice environment now that you know more about theory. Is theory used in practice, or is there […]

fall risk and end of life care

(two big paragraph) (using the fall risk cognition assessments)-Develop a one-paragraph summary describing Mrs. L.s risk for falls.-Create one goal for each category. (using the E.L clinical doc)-Use the assigned readings to guide you in the development of five discussion points-Discussions points should reflect best practices that you will include as you speak with E. […]

Parenting is a Responsibility

Illustration Essay Assignment:For your illustration essay, youll write a 1,600- to 1,800-word illustrationessay using the outline on parenting is a responsibility You are required to use three to five reputable secondarysources. You are required to use American Psychological Association (APA) citation anddocumentation format for parenthetical (in-text) citation and your list ofreferences. Topic:Parenting is a Responsibility […]

Strategic management

Choose an existing company, (( We choose Toyota Company ))you are a consultancy organization that has been invited to advise the management of thatselected company on what it needs to do to improve its performance and closethe gap with similar world class companies.Write a concise (4000 words) ((( On me 900 Word )) , but […]

720 Business Analytics Revolution Reply 1 CD

This is a discussion board reply. You will reply to the attached classmate paper. You will add knowledge to the paper. You should introduce fresh thoughts ( rather than repeating the initial post), Engage the initial thread.  You must integrate information from the book as well. Replies must be supported with a minimum of 1 […]

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