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Archive for the ‘English and Literature’ Category

Discuss Herman Melvilles theorization of the Power of Blackness in relation to one of the two stories by Hawthorne, Bartleby, the Scrivener, and Emily Dickinsons poems

OPTIONS: Discuss Herman Melvilles theorization of the Power of Blackness in relation to one of the two stories by Hawthorne, Bartleby, the Scrivener, and Emily Dickinsons poems we have analyzed in class. Discuss the ways in which Song of Myself, Emily Dickinsons poems we have analyzed in class, and Bartleby, the Scrivener engage with their […]

identify and summarize its central argument, apply the argument to ONE of the assigned stories, i.e., use it to gain more insight into the meaning of the story you have chosen

Read the article first, and following the instructions. You must quote directly from both your secondary source (the article) and your primary source (the story).You must provide a works cited list that includes both the article (secondary source) and the story (primary source)

CERER “Let No One Stop You”

Please follow the “Claim-Evidence-Reasoning (CERER) Graphic Organizer & Sentence Starters”  attachment that I have posted on here *** I will attach a file of a teachers example Instructions to provide for the paragraph:the format would be– claim– evidence quote from the passage– reasoning– another evidence quote from the passage that ties back to the claim– […]

Substance Abuse and Violence in Your Community

Substance Abuse and Violence in Your Community Read your local newspaper for 3-4 days and select one story that illustrates the effects of substance abuse or violence on individuals, families, and/or the community. Briefly describe the situation. What interventions would you use? Are the interventions primary, secondary, or tertiary?

Resource Exercise

read through Steps 1 and 2, of the attached and answer the questions shown there in paragraph format: one paragraph for Step 1, and one paragraph for Step 2.  Address in the paragraphs the following – Is any information missing inthese facts? How many people were asked? Who was asked? What was the definition of […]


In part 3 of the Paper Airplane Project, each team member will build and fly test models of each of their chosen glider designs. The testing results will be submitted here for grading by the instructor, and reported to the team within your Canvas team work space. Before proceeding: Go to Paper Airplane Project – […]

elements of critical thinking

Hi ! 🙂 this is the final essay that is needed from the rough draft we accomplished earlier. Essay Format: Your essay must be 57 pages (16001900 words) in length. The abstract, title page, and reference list do not count in the page or word count. The essay must have the following elements:Times New Roman12-pointDouble-spaced1-inch […]

Diet Therapy

PLEASE MAKE AN REPLY POST WITH REFERENCES ALONG WITH INITIAL POST For this discussion you will review “Living well with HIV/AIDS – A manual on nutritional care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS” http://www.fao.org/docrep/005/y4168e/y4168e00.HTM Then respond to the following:1. What are three diet therapy considerations that must be made for people living with HIV/AIDS?2. […]

Case study 9

PLEASE ADD REFERENCES Samira is a 26-year-old female with a history of intense dysmenorrhea. She experienced menarche at age 11. Her menstrual cycles average 25 days in length. She has a BMI of 18. Her menstrual cycle pain had decreased over the last 3 years while she was consistently taking birth control pills. However, she […]


PLEASE MAKE AN SEPARATE POST FOR REPLY TO PEER… WITH REFERENCES IN APA FORMAT 7 Rasmussen Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, most forms of birth control are now covered by health insurance with no out-of-pocket costs, but there are limitations. Research the various methods/techniques of birth control and find statistical data on unplanned pregnancies […]

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