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Archive for November, 2021

Haiti 2010 Earthquake Letter to Prime Minister

In this assignment, you will apply what you learned from the disaster you chose to focus on to a new situation. You will write a letter of 1,000-1,200 words to a real-life person who could have acted differently and, in doing so, may have reduced the harm your chosen disaster wrought. You should date your […]

“Desire Under The Elms, by Eugene ONeill” written report on this play

– should be 3 pages double-spaced with a bibliography afterwards, naming any sources you used in your research. Each paper will compare and contrast a different dramatic stage work with the film it is based on.Give a brief description of the period in which the play was written and/or the playwrights life, and how it […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

At this point, a wealthy family is implicated by both thieves as the client. The family admits that they hired multiple art thieves to recover the painting.  They state that this painting was stolen from them during World War 2 in Germany and is the rightful property of their family.  They have tried to recover […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Write a formal (visual) analysis of one artwork of your choice. The selection of the artwork is important; choose a work that is relevant to the themes and periods we have covered in class, and one which interests you. You may choose from the lecture powerpoints, the textbook, or the online collections of the Met […]

Executive Summary

Create an executive summary of your strategic planning proposal. Remember to consider the audience and purpose of this report when drafting your summary.Rubric:1. Purpose: Briefly explain the purpose of the proposal. 2. Current business environment : Describe the internal and external business environments of the company.Outline the various analyses you conducted and briefly summarize their […]

Global health systems comparative assignment

For this APA style paper, you will choose one priority disease (see the list below) to focus on for this assignment.  You will also choose one developed country and one least developed country from the list below, where the priority health condition is present. Through your analysis of the recent peer reviewed research and other […]

Exhibition that Integrates Arts with Environmental issues

The aim of this paper is to propose an Art exhibition idea in Qatar. focus on:What would you do? Who would you target and why? look into the future and expound upon the strengths and weaknesses of your proposal with respect to Qatar’s branding strategy as well as local and international public opinion and academic […]

joining I.T school

1. Why are you interested in pursuing a career in this field?-  because I want a secure job, a high pay job and great job for my future2.When did you decide you wanted to be part of this industry? Why?: as an adult learner we have to make great chose for my future. when someone […]

Unit VI Assessment

1. Explain how the different types of trenching and excavation protective systems (shielding, shoring, and sloping) are selected based on construction site conditions. Also, please provide a brief description of each type of protective system in your discussion. Your response should be at least 75 words in length. 2. Discuss hazards and precautions to be […]

Flapper Essay Assignment

After a thorough reading of Flapper, you will prepare an essay that addresses at least three of the following topics or themes: a.    Fashion            b. Drinking (of alcohol)b.    Literature            d.  African American womene.  Sexuality            f.  Shoppingg.  Movies                h.  Advertising     At the core of the essay […]

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