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Archive for the ‘Electrical Engineering’ Category


Setting voltage for potentionmeter The amplitude doesn’t matter so you can just plug it directly into the power supply. We would want the reference voltage to be equal to the potentiometer voltage when the potentiometer at the halfway mark.so figure out the voltage at the halfway mark.and then set up a voltage level using op […]

Problem(PLC) – conveyors sequence

It’s a project that has a report and presentation. the project title is PLC conveyors sequence. there is four important things to do: LOGO software V 8.1, Relay diagram on constructor software, flowchart free online to develop, wiring diagram using kit do the virtual connection of Input/Output devices. Using a module-based by line diagram connection.all […]

Antenna Radiation Patterns

Looking for someone to help me code out 3 separate Matlab codes to show the 3D plot with regards to Half-Wavelength Dipole, Monopole and Horn Antennas without the use of the Antenna Objects on matlabs as the codes will be transferred to a mobile app. Along with a report done with formulas used and the […]

Computer Networks WIreShark

I included the assignment (word doc) and the class PowerPoints and additional info. Let me know if anything else is needed. Wireshark Lab 1: http://staff.ustc.edu.cn/~bhua/Kurose_Labs_v7.0/Wireshark_Intro_v7.0.pdf Wireshark Lab 2:http://staff.ustc.edu.cn/~bhua/Kurose_Labs_v7.0/Wireshark_HTTP_v7.0.pdf

P2 – Improving a model from last assignment

It is a junior level Java course for Software/Electrical Engineering. (It is a first-time course for Java in engineering at my university so I would say it’s a beginner course). Comments explaining the code are appreciated. The package needs to be: (package edu.uab.maxwellh.p1;). A code from the last assignment will be provided to build off […]

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