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Archive for April, 2022

Employment Law TACC

Develop a 3 page workplace harassment policy for either Java Corp or an organization with which you are familiar. Be sure the policy you develop reflects ethical considerations and benefits to both the employee and organization as well as relevant legislation related to various types of harassment. Also, create an 812 slide PowerPoint presentation with […]


2-4 pa ges Regarding an aspect of a contract protest. You will need to explain what is a contract protest, who usually makes the protest and why is the protest process important to government contracting. You should research this topic. This link is also a valuable resource to understand the protest process. Link: SBA Protests […]


PLEASE WRITE IN APA FORMAT 7 In a 3-page paper, written in APA format using proper spelling/grammar, conduct research on the topic of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and address the following:    1    Explain the primary responsibilities and priorities of the IRB.    2    Identify an organization, such as a research hospital or pharmaceutical company, that […]

Compensation and Benefits TACC

Write a 3page compensation and benefits package for a new expatriate position working for either Java Corp or an organization with which you are familiar. Introduction Structuring and communicating a total compensation package that meets regulatory requirements and the needs of a global workforce requires a delicate balancing act between what is required and what […]

Paper and Powerpoint Eric

The paper has to be four to five pages.  Please do not write more than four to five pages.  I will stop reading on the fifth page and you will get graded off what I read.  For each page over five pages I will take off 10 points for each page.  The font size of […]

Retention and Separation TAcc

Prepare a three-page memo analyzing best practices in approaches and procedures addressing retention and separation for either Java Corp or an organization of your choice.IntroductionOnce the best possible employees have been hired, it is important for the organization to do what it can to retain its top talent and manage its turnover to continue supporting […]

Dogs vs Wolves

In the 1st paragraph talk about the dog and its features, in the 2nd paragraph please write about the wolves and their features. In the 3rd paragraph write their similarities and their features that are common. In the 4th write about their differences. In paragraph 5 please write a conclusion

Build a computer

Scenario: You have been tasked with building a PC from scratch for a user named Joe.  Joe will be using this PC for high end gaming along with everyday tasks such as e-mail and web browsing.  Cost is not a constraint, but Joe would like the best bargain he can get.  Write a report detailing what […]

Capitol Budgeting Tacc

Perform calculations and answer questions related to capital budgeting. In this assessment, you will explore capital budgeting, which is the process of evaluating the feasibility and selection of investment projects. You will examine basic capital budgeting techniques, such as payback, discounted payback, net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), profitability index (PI), and modified internal rate […]

Risk and Return Tacc

Focus on risk and reward valuations. In this assessment, you will explore different measures and sources of risk and how to manage it, portfolio theories, the capital asset pricing model (CAPM), and the efficient market hypothesis (EMH). Other areas of consideration include stand-alone risk versus portfolio risk, risk sources and their measure, as well as […]

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